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Register NOW for our Summer Cycle: July 5- 28!

We are now registering children for our first summer cycle. Space is limited, so register early. Each child will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 PM from July 5-28. He/she will work one-on-one with a trained volunteer on their reading skills to get them ready for fall and to prevent "summer slide." Children entering grades 3-8 and who receive free or reduced price lunch at school are eligible.


Our spring cycle will run from April 11-June 16. Huge thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who are gearing up to work with their READers. If you're interested in being a substitute volunteer or volunteering for a later session, contact us now!

We Need Volunteers for Spring Cycle, April 11-June 16!

We are looking for smart, passionate people who are interested in helping kids reach their potential. Tutors meet with their students twice per week after school at READ 718. Contact us now to start tutoring in spring!

Need Volunteer Literacy Tutors for Fall Session!

We are looking for smart, energetic, reliable people to join our volunteer team at READ 718! Literacy tutors work one on one with a student twice per week for 10 weeks (or more). Lesson plans are provided. Our fall session runs October 5-December 10 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:10-4:30 AND Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10-4:30 and 4:40-6:00 PM. Volunteering is a great way to help children in your community and gain experience in tutoring and literacy education. Plus, it's fun. If you're interested and want to learn more, contact us now! Would love to hear from you.

Literacy Love: Contribute to READ 718’s Indiegogo Campaign!

With all the madness of launching our very first Indiegogo campaign, we forgot to share the big news for literacy on our blog!  Friends, READ 718 has an Indiegogo campaign. In our defense, many of you follow us on twitter and Facebook; many of you have already contributed to the cause.  In fact, we are already 77 donors in with upwards of $10,000 (happily upwards!) to show for it.  The goal is $20,o00, so we have a long way to go, but man it's a good Thursday.  All that love.  All that support.  We can't not be thrilled.  Thank you.     With two weeks left to go, we are officially halfway through the campaign...

Literacy Cookies at Marymount’s READ 718 Bake Sale!

Many thanks to the young ladies at Marymount who made literacy a priority this afternoon by hosting a bake sale in READ 718's honor.   What's made of butter and sugar and still happens to be good for you? That's right: literacy cookies. Not only are they proven to do a body good (the heart and the spirit, to be exact), but they've also been proven to have a positive effect on the community. Why? Because with these homemade cookies, the world changers at Marymount were able to raise $1,000 to support Brooklyn's low-income kiddos who are reading below grade level.     Our first bake sale was the brainchild of an ...

4 Reading Comprehension Strategies for Third Grade (and Beyond!)

READ 718's best-loved "fix-up strategies" for struggling young readers  Although the title suggests these reading strategies are geared toward third graders, you best believe that "and beyond!" was not placed there as an afterthought. These four tactics for improved reading comprehension will be useful to any struggling reader, be that reader a fourth grader, middle schooler, or high schooler.  Third grade is simply when kids are really starting to get the hang of this whole reading thing; it's when literacy instruction has officially moved past word identification and into comprehension of story and message.  The nitty-gritty.  By 4...

Brooklyn READer: Meet 9-year-old Raven, Early Owl and Butterfly at Heart

Young Brooklyn READer, Raven, discusses why she won't be reading Harry Potter, what she likes to (literally) see in a book, and her enduring love of comedy.   Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, in the mere seconds after Raven comes dancing through the literacy center's front door, the room's energy has already begun to shift.   Positive ions shoot from her fingertips. Playful, enthusiastic, hard-working Raven Mercedes has a way of charging any space she waltzes into with a kind of kinetic energy.  (The frequent dancing helps, though it is only a small part of the phenomenon.)  READ 718 counts itself lucky to get to share ...

Breaking: Brooklyn Non-Profit News

For friends, educators, teachers, future volunteers and current volunteers!   Check out Brooklyn's new non-profit community literacy center! READ 718’s doors are officially open! And we’ve got the red and black READ 718 stencil on the storefront window to prove it.   Two months ago, the brown paper came off the windows. Ever since, READ 718 has positively hummed with close word study, tutor read-alouds, and one-on-one literacy instruction. Hear that? That is the sound of children becoming stronger readers.     READ 718's kids and tutors have grown close over these last three months, a natural effect ...

Volunteer Brooklyn: Meet Samuel Pierre, Volunteer Extraordinaire

READ 718's volunteers are special. READ 718 boasts one talented crew of literacy tutors. On any given Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, you'll find 420 Atlantic Avenue alive with educators who've chosen to spend their free time in Brooklyn, administering one-on-one reading instruction to the low-income kids who need it most. If our kids are at the heart of what READ 718 does, then our dedicated tutors make up the soul. And what does READ 718 do, exactly? We're glad you asked!  We've made it our mission to infuse a love of reading into Brooklyn's struggling young readers. Our tutors have been charged with a task: help kids fall in love with ...