Literacy Love: Contribute to READ 718’s Indiegogo Campaign!

With all the madness of launching our very first Indiegogo campaign, we forgot to share the big news for literacy on our blog!  Friends, READ 718 has an Indiegogo campaign. In our defense, many of you follow us on twitter and Facebook; many of you have already contributed to the cause.  In fact, we are already 77 donors in with upwards of $10,000 (happily upwards!) to show for it.  The goal is $20,o00, so we have a long way to go, but man it’s a good Thursday.  All that love.  All that support.  We can’t not be thrilled.  Thank you.


Support Literacy on Indiegogo with READ 718

We were trending! Last week’s news, but we’re still pretty proud of making reading a legit trend for those few precious hours.


With two weeks left to go, we are officially halfway through the campaign, but are only just getting started when it comes to turning Brooklyn’s struggling readers into bookworms.  Depend on it.   This is an ongoing campaign because this is an ongoing mission.


So spread the word!  READ 718 builds strong readers and strong relationships with one-to-one literacy instruction. Together, we are teaching kids to #LearnToLoveToRead.


Get Literate!  READ 718's reading room for young readers.

Get literate! READ 718’s reading room.


Here’s little preview of the campaign, but you’ll have to visit the site to get the scoop on what our READers are getting from this:


READ 718 intends to close our community’s literacy gap with personal, personalized reading instruction.  It’s a necessarily ambitious mission, one we won’t achieve overnight, but that’s why we’re so committed to reaching our goalthis is a long term investment in our children.  READ 718 is in it for the long haul.  Care to join us?  Become a READer for life.

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