z3lXsg00_400x400Kate Roberts is a national literacy consultant, top-selling author, and popular keynote speaker. She taught reading and writing in Brooklyn, NY and worked as a literacy coach before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in 2005, where she is now a lead Staff Developer. Kate is the co-author (with Christopher Lehman) of the popular Falling in Love with Close Reading, as well as co-authoring The Literary Essay: From Character to Compare/Contrast and The Literary Essay: Analyzing Craft and Theme. Her work with students across the country has led to her belief that all kids can be insightful, academic thinkers when the work is demystified, broken down and made engaging. To this end, Kate has worked nationally and internationally to help teachers, schools, and districts develop and implement strong teaching practices and curriculum. Her blog, indent (kateandmaggie.com) with Maggie Beattie Roberts is a touchstone for hundreds of teachers and she uses social media, particularly Twitter (@teachkate), to help build community and solve problems with educators across the globe.