Thank you for your interest! We offer three programs based on grade level. Please fill out the registration form for the one that applies to your student.

Our After School Literacy Program is READ 718’s core program. This program is designed for children in grades 3-8 who are reading below grade level. To be eligible for this program, children must be in grades 3-8, eligible for free or reduced-price lunch at school, and be struggling with reading based on teacher feedback and our initial assessment. This program runs for three, 10 week cycles in fall, winter, and spring.

We are now registering for our Winter Cycle, January 6-March 19, 2020 in both locations.

The Saturday Reading Room is designed for 1st-3rd graders to practice their developing reading skills with a trained tutor in a relaxed and fun environment. Children come to READ 718 each Saturday for 8 weeks and work with a high school aged tutor on building fluency, comprehension, and reading stamina. Participants will also have the opportunity to play games that build sight word and spelling pattern knowledge. This program also provides the opportunity for high schoolers to serve their community in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

We are now registering for Winter 2020: January 11-March 14